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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Abuse(s) At Deaf Schools-End It Now!

                                        How long is this problem gonna go on?  Unless it ends ONCE AND FOR ALL, it will continue to be that way.  Abuses at Deaf schools has gone long enough to be unnoticed by us until some victims came forward with statements of what happened back then.  Abuses at Deaf schools happened in the past and recently, and in some cases, some of these schools were forced to shut down.  While it shows better relief to victims, for others as abusers, not so much-some were in jail for unnecessary abuse towards student(s) while some were on probation.  

                                        The updates on all have yet to be known to this day, however I can say what happened in the past was a terrible ordeal to us all, having our Deaf brothers and Deaf sisters gone through.  Looking back, those still working there and those newcomers recently or a while ago, do know better to protect students from harm's way, like me.  I am currently working at CSDF as Cottage Counselor and upon hearing the situation at CSDR (See the link above) while in training meeting as part of my job as newcomer last year, I felt terrible to the student who have gone through abuse and I hope he is ok to this day since last year.  And being the teacher aide at mainstream school before CSDF as well as being volunteer at local mainstream schools-all have Deaf programs in it-I already know that school is a place for students to learn education and we the teachers, aides, mentors, are expected to guide them to right path of education.  More directly THAN abusing them, unlikely to others who have done harm's way to their own students.  Not only that, but I already know I love the job of being a mentor to students who looks up not only to me, but to teachers, cottage counselors, and more for their education, goals, right path of life itself.

                                      To take it all away from these student(s) and abuse them puts a staff at risk of facing troubles and much more than that.  Come on, we are better than that no matter what with patience, respect, and much love as professional worker, despite the students' behavior(s) and action(s).  I mean, coming to CSDF first year, I was overwhelmed with challenges in Middle School Cottages, but with right guidance by my boss and my co-workers, I have learned to get through with patience and build rapport with students to get along with them.  Not only that, but other aspects of my job since I am from different world coming there in Deaf world of CSDF as I put it that way.

                                   Lastly, END THE ABUSE NOW!!  It is not cool at all to abuse students for pleasure or whatever it is.  And keep in mind that the more we hear abuses, the more of possibility of getting a Deaf school to be shut down.  Abuses are NOT necessary at all and not worth of our time and space to us all.  Thank you.

Battle of Deaf Community & AGB (Alexander Graham Bell)-Part 3 & Final

                                Coming off from the first two blogs of DC vs AGBell series, we focused on two key points-Nyle DiMarco's support to ASL and AGBell's history including its actions to remove ASL as whole which turned to be unsuccessful against DC.  Now, leading to this final blog of DC vs AGBell series, this one will be about the communication language we use on daily basis in which I will explain below, including my thoughts of AGBell's stance on communication use, etc. issue.

                                You see the picture above of ASL vs CS (Cued Speech)?  Two different languages where ASL belongs to DC and CS belongs to AGBell.  Makes sense, right?  Think about it-DC have its sign language worldwide including one here in USA of ASL while AGBell have its oral language worldwide including one here in USA.  I am not sure what to call it here in USA-maybe ACS (American Cued Speech)?  However, the way of what I see it and what I said, it is clearly ACS, no doubt about it.  Think about it for a moment-Deaf World have its own sign language while Oralism World (as I would like to call it) have its own cued speech language.  Makes sense, huh?  It is and should be, mind you.  I grew up in oralism but later to Deaf due to my hearing issues and due to my speech impairment, thus being labeled as Deaf by my peers, proves to be accurate.  Not just any Deaf people, only certain ones who've told me in person and in social media.  I am NOT ashamed in being that way.  And fortunately, I have already learned ASL very much with some more to go.  I have no problem learning it because, to be honest, oralism took much of my time before.  I won't go into any more of it except the fact that I am glad ASL is much around for me to use it to communicate with others including my very Deaf friends for many years.

                                  Look at those two links above that I have provided in which connects to this blog.  Not only those, but do me a favor-do a research yourself at your own time to see that there is a huge difference between DC and AGBell when it comes to use of communication language.  To refresh your memory, AGBell has been attempting for long time in removing ASL from this country of USA, which proved to be unsuccessful.  DC have its own sign language since it was first introduced with many changes along the way a long time ago in 1800's, with many obstacles from AGBell but paved through successful.  See the partial history and the difference here?  I have more to fill in on history, however, I am gonna leave those up to you readers, saving my time in this blog.  Some of you already know this while some of you do not.  And for some of you do not, do a research and figure out the history of AGBell and DC and its language and more around it.  You will notice in this world full of communication language, there are two languages as whole-sign language and oralism language (cued speech).

                                  Now to my thoughts to AGBell Association-LET. IT. GO.  And move on with your own department of oralism.  DC have its own association and its own sign language you MUST respect it greatly.  You may not like it or love it, HOWEVER, you must respect it greatly.  Without a doubt.  Looking back at your attempts to DC, you need to LET IT GO, as I have mentioned above.  What Nyle does is his choice and you must respect it greatly.  What Deaf people including Deaf kids do or choices they made in regarding to the use of communication or actions in related to Deaf culture, you MUST respect it greatly and again, LET IT GO.  Plain simple as it goes.  You have your oralism department, right?  Use your time and energy to focus on it, improving its image, to be a better association than its creator of Alexander Graham Bell.  Look at the picture below this paragraph.  See the difference?  ACCEPT it greatly.  Never lie to us because based on what history shows us all, he did more than damage his reputation and much more.  There are published books and facts of what he TRULY was, of what he TRULY did.  Correct me if I am wrong and unless I'm personally shown otherwise, I am gonna stick to what I believe even I hate to do so.

                                   Lastly, do us a favor-APOLOGIZE to DC of the past, of the present, and of the future for your actions towards DC.  The way I see it (which I am not the only one here), that was uncalled for and not exactly what you call it "Freedom Of Speech".  If you want to make amends after all these years since the beginning, DO IT NOW.  Do not hesitate.  The more you make amends, the better you'll be around us including the DC.  Thank you.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2016 DGM (Deaf Grassroot Movement)

                                       With the mark of Happy Interpreter Appreciation Day and May 4th Be With You Day on this day of May 4th, we also add the day of Deaf Grassroots Movement Day, marking the first year ever in all 50 states plus the District Of Colombia of this one, or titled as "DGM".  Little known information from DGM website I could find dates back to September 2015 as original, as noted from the website's history.  More of as pre-day, to put this way, by the way.  There could be more than that than what I know of.  Any new information is welcome here in the comments below on the blog or in comments on Facebook wherever I post with link to this blog.  The website for DGM is shown in the link above for y'all to check out if you have not done before.

                                       What is the purpose of the DGM?  Well, for starters, it is to remind rest of Deaf community and to the hearing community that Deaf community still needs access to full rights, education, equality, and much more than I can type here.  In a hearing world Deaf people including me we live in, we are still facing issues one or more at time on daily basis.  It will be an neverending moment until it is resolved in timely manner.  I mean, for example, the need for interpreter while at hospital, that is one of issues mainly Deaf people faced which is not fully resolved until so.  Another example is unemployment issue-Deaf people could not get job(s) anywhere for various reasons alone including being rejected by hearing community for whatever reasons-good or bad ones including lack of English grammar.  Lastly, another example is lack of education, especially in English subject Deaf people in some areas are facing with, and including it is the name itself hearing people STILL NEED to recognize-Deaf Education, not Special Education, mind you.  Why the difference between those, you tell me?  Well to simply put this way as you can see it, Special Education is directly ONLY for special needs people, especially to children.  Deaf Education, on other hand, is directly ONLY for Deaf people, and yes, especially to children.  Do me a favor-do a research on the difference between these and you'll understand my point on this.  I DO know that I am not the only person who feels that way.  Am I right?  Of course, yes, without a doubt.

                                       When I looked at various sites such as Deaf Thought Police (Facebook), I have noticed a video from there where a guy rants on about hating DGM, making no sense.  I do not know him well or anything for that matter.  What I can agree with y'all is that he needs to cool down and understand the good cause of DGM and its purposes.  I do KNOW for fact that DGM is not a waste of time, at all.  To that person who posted on video on Deaf Thought Police there, I suggest you do a research on such issues including why DGM is important before you take action.  Think about it...and it is not an option.  It is a MUST.

                                       Now, these issues have yet been resolved once for all, and I truly think it is time to ACT on it before it is too late.  Not only us of the past and the present, but for future generations for years to come.  Without it, there will not be a future for future generations to lean on.  Think about it while you can.  Discuss within your local Deaf community how to approach the right way in resolving, and much more.  Until then, keep on protesting in PEACEFUL way, a non-violence way.  The more, the merrier.  And it will be much, much better than violence protest, mind you.  From today on May 4th, you may or may not noticed DGM was on the news everywhere.  I have provided such link websites from its news for y'all to look at and read on.  Our signs are being heard from this day and I can hope we can continue beyond today.

                                         Today marks the first DGM ever and I can hope there'll be more again soon as next year or someday, whenever it is.  Until issues surrounds Deaf community is resolved fully, the protesting, as I noted above, will go on.  

                                         Long live the DGM!!  Thank you.

Pros & Cons Of Deaf Schools-The Choice Is In Your Hands

                                Attending to California School For Deaf Fremont as Cottage Counselor in my first year is overwhelming for me.  I come from another world with limited Deaf culture-what I was taught, what I was raised, and so on.  You get the idea.  Upon reading the article at the link above through one of my friends's post on Facebook a while ago, it caught my attention to know what is the difference between the mainstream education and Deaf education.

                                   I invite you to read on on the link above that I have provided for y'all to read on.  While the facts remains that way until otherwise, my opinions of Deaf schools-an excellent school providing Deaf students to come and have a better education.  Not only that, but to provided better independence and workplace that most Deaf programs in mainstream schools do not provide at all.

                                      Sending your kid(s) to Deaf school is entirely up to you, parents-foster, step, or not.  If you are not entirely sure about it, talk with your local Deaf community there and find out pros and cons than in the link website above.  If you really think Deaf education including ASL access is best for your child (WHICH I RECOMMEND VERY HIGHLY), go for it without a doubt, mind you.  I do know couple of my good friends who go to CSDF (California School For The Deaf, Fremont) do succeed well before and currently at it at this time.  Very challenge but worth of your time, regardless of being away from home.  Plus, I have already observed there while working currently as Cottage Counselor there.  And I can say Deaf school including where I work at is the BEST place to be at.

                                   Think about it.  Discuss with your kid(s) and others about it.  Answers in the end will be revealed that will determine the best course of your kid(s).

                                     Thank you.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2nd Anniversary Of Deaf Expressions Event-An Artistic Show To Us All

                                         The 2nd Annual of Deaf Expressions event was held at Fresno City College  of Fresno, CA on 4/29/16, a free event to Deaf community as well as to hearing community.  An artistic show, this event was hosted by one of my good friends Ariana Bibbs who herself decided, with support from some others, to set up the event based on poetry, storytelling, music, dance, etc.  Basically, it was my second time going there as a performer, much surprise to some of y'all.  For others who know me, I love to perform and I was involved in the 1st Annual of the same event that was held at Reedley College in Reedley, CA-the site of my hometown.

                                          My only performance both times is "Timber" story, to which most of y'all know how it goes.  I have included props-suspenders, clothes, shoes, and a gray cap.  You can see me performing at the bottom right corner.  I also was involved one of performers' skit as a student (both hearing and Deaf) with other performers (See mid bottom below).  A lot of practice, that's for sure because to entertain in front of audience as well as to other performers is vital and also to top as better than last year, to my knowledge.  Other performers has their own skit such as musical, poetry, dancing, as you can see examples below.  It was awesome to see them as well as myself on that day.

                                The only difference between last year and this year is that there are more performances of total of 16 ones than last year which only totaled up to about 10 or something, from us the performers and its hostess included (group picture below).  Most of us involved in the event including me are backonce again, with only three newcomers added to this year.  We went all out and performed in front of live audience, by our estimate, about 400 people in the audience who witnessed the event.  Based on what I heard and what other performers heard, the audience loved it very much.  So loved it very much that it was much better than last year, mind you.

                                          As part of the event, me and other performers were involved a special one, "#whyIsign" campaign, where each of us explain why we sign.  On my end, the reason I sign is to connect Deaf world and hearing world as a bridge together to work and to get along with each other with respect and love.  We wore the t-shirt with that logo and another one different than front side.  It was made by one of our friends "James" (Real name not revealed out of respect) with design input by either him or by one of our performers in which I have yet to confirm.  I should have done earlier, however, that is not the case because not only me, but other performers including the hostess loved the t-shirt design very much.  Whoever designed it, on behalf of me and my friends as performers, we thank you.  Hands wave!!

                                          For anyone who missed it, we apologize (me on behalf of the performers including the hostess).  A discussion of next year's event will be on soon later this year as we all take a break for now to catch up on errands, etc., thus putting the project on hold for now.  When information of next year's event especially different location becomes available public, this is your chance to go and enjoy it very much.  Oh, if you want to be involved for next year, let me know then at later time here or through private message.  I do not have information at this time but when I do, I'll let you know.  Not only me, but other performers in group picture you may recognize.  We are always welcome anyone new to perform and be enjoyed by live audience and keep in mind, we are locally performed for free as we have done twice out of love for Deaf community as well as for hearing community.  Hope to see you all next year for that event! Hands wave!!

                                        Now, I do know this event is not the first time ever in California or worldwide, for all I care.  I do know for sure that there are other events similar to this one which I have yet to discover it.  Like I said, that event is only based on poetry, music, storytelling, and some more with more actions and less signs.  It is a truly yet another experience I have been involved with because of my love for the general of performance.  I will be back next year (pending) to increase to two performances-one with same one as I have done twice, and another one yet to be revealed.  No shame in doing it because it's who, what I am, that's for sure.  Keep an eye out for information of next year's event.  And enjoy the pictures below given by various photographers in the audience including me who are credited in taking picture(s).  Thank you.

Deaf Expressions Event-Copyright April 2016

Monday, May 2, 2016

Battle of Deaf Community & AGB (Alexander Graham Bell)-Part 2

                                Continuing this one into Part 2 of Deaf Community vs AG Bell, we look back on how much difference between two individuals (Look at it as a whole person, mind you) has affected, still affect and will affect each of us worldwide other than here in United States.  In addition, we continue to talk about Nyle DiMarco's invitation to White House and the imagination response AG Bell gets when they got ahold of the news of Nyle in White House.

                                 Now, where to start off in this blog?  Oh, this issue AG Bell has ongoing against Deaf Community, especially how they still have yet respond to White House accepting invitation to Nyle DiMarco and Gallaudet University President Bobbi, along with their interpreter.  At first, I thought it was White House who selects certain people to be invited, but then, it was actually Nyle DiMarco who took upon himself to make a case calling on White House for invitation to White House Correspondent Dinner with Barack Obama.  How cool is that?  Some of you are aware of it while some of you are not aware of it, and to remind you, here is the link above entitled, "Washington Post on Nyle DiMarco To White House Correspondent Dinner".  Keep in mind that there is no update from the event to this day.  Hopefully, soon.  If any of you readers know anything about it, please do share with me...Thank you in advance.

                                Moving onto than previous paragraph above, not only AG Bell has issue against Nyle DiMarco with respect, they have done a numerous of times throughout many years, dating back to early 1990's.  As far as I know of, this link, "History Of AG Bell Against Deaf Community" tells it all, and I encourage you to look at it.  I am surprised that it has gotten this far AG Bell has against Deaf Community, and I do know for sure there are more historical facts than what it was shown on that website.  I have been keeping track of AG Bell's perspective and Deaf Community's perspective and I have come to conclusion that AG Bell has no respect for sign language AT all.  It is one thin, for sure.  There are many more to which some of us know well.  Others-us, still have yet to learn more which is not a bad thing because we love Deaf Community as a family, as a friend.  Right?  And I know some of you or all of you agree with me on this one.  Otherwise, I would be wrong at this moment as you read this blog.

                                  Moving onto the other two links, "Disability Museum On AG Bell Biography" and "Friend Or Foe Of AG Bell?  You Decide", it tells a perspective side of AG Bell's story of its organization, etc., and its creator, Alexander Graham Bell.  Not only what I provided, but there are many more info at your own time to look at it as research, mind you.  We all know what kind of man he is in which it is more than enough than I can type here.  AG Bell has its side of the story of the man similar or much different than what we know of.  While we do not have complete information in this day world with what we have from the past, we just have to stick with what we have at this time and whether we like him or not, we have to give him much respect and credit for his efforts or no efforts on such things he may have done or not.  The way I read of AG Bell and this guy, I find for the time being, that AG Bell and this guy has no respect for Deaf Community.  While it maintains to this day, AG Bell do respect Deaf Community even not agree on such things that Deaf Community holds it well.  Imagine that of what those are because you'll understand it very well than I can type it here.  Yeah, yeah, you may disagree with me, but you know it is the truth and it is better than nothing AT all.

                                  Another link in regarding of AG Bell on cued speech, it actually looks clear to me that AG Bell is more of oralism, not ASL.  Agree?  It is because think for a moment-Deaf Community have its own language-sign language.  AG Bell have its own language-cued speech.  It actually makes sense because of the way AG Bell acts on against Deaf Community with respect or no respect.  Not only that, AG Bell has been trying to deprive sign language into extinction from Deaf Community for various reasons and more than that.

                                All more above in that paragraph that I will explain in Part 3 blog-the final one, where I will explain more of cued speech and much, much more, especially my views of this issue.  Keep an eye out for it.  Thank you.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

How To Speak To Deaf People-Which Method Is Necessary? You Decide

DeafNewsToday On How To Speak To Deaf People
Communicate With Deaf People

                                       For many years, us Deaf people have use the sign language as communication means since almost all no longer have a voice and cannot hear well.  Now, to this day and beyond, there has been issue of how to speak to Deaf people.  Basically, there are appropriate ways to do that: the use of sign language with hands or by writing on a piece of a paper.

                                        Not only two basic options, but there are more ways of how to approach Deaf people and communicating with them.  I invite you to look at these links above and while they provide accurate information, not all of them are there.  There are many more ways than those in these links above.  If you are Deaf, you would already know what to do, but if you are not sure, I suggest you ask the right person on how to do it before taking action.  If you are hearing, I suggest you ask any right Deaf person on how to do it before taking action.  I  have learned some at first after my first mistake being recognized by one of my good Deaf friends long ago.  One of them is NEVER tap on a Deaf person's shoulders when approaching them for their attention.  Use hand(s) to wave to get his or her attention.  A very legitimate advice and a successful one that has been around us for long time and beyond.

                                              For teachers with degree in Deaf studies especially in Deaf education or interpreting, whether they are Deaf or not, keep in mind the methods of how to speak to Deaf people is vital one and make no mistake on that as you can.  For rest of y'all, it is ok to make mistake as long as you have good reasons alone there you think is the right one.   Just do not make many mistakes as those can be seen as offensive or sensitive to some Deaf people.  

                                              Do not ask me why because I feel that using the methods to Deaf people is easier than nothing.  Play it safe and you'll be fine.  Any more concerns or questions, feel free to ask a Deaf person including me around you or near you.  The answers you seek on this topic is what you get and keep in mind as well as be wise in those.  Us Deaf people have more ways in Deaf culture than hearing people.  I admit that not all Deaf people do have it because there are some who still have much more about Deaf culture including me.  A long way to go, of this I am sure and it is not too late to do it, especially on this topic.  DO IT instead of being afraid.  Thank you.