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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Abuse(s) At Deaf Schools-End It Now!

                                        How long is this problem gonna go on?  Unless it ends ONCE AND FOR ALL, it will continue to be that way.  Abuses at Deaf schools has gone long enough to be unnoticed by us until some victims came forward with statements of what happened back then.  Abuses at Deaf schools happened in the past and recently, and in some cases, some of these schools were forced to shut down.  While it shows better relief to victims, for others as abusers, not so much-some were in jail for unnecessary abuse towards student(s) while some were on probation.  

                                        The updates on all have yet to be known to this day, however I can say what happened in the past was a terrible ordeal to us all, having our Deaf brothers and Deaf sisters gone through.  Looking back, those still working there and those newcomers recently or a while ago, do know better to protect students from harm's way, like me.  I am currently working at CSDF as Cottage Counselor and upon hearing the situation at CSDR (See the link above) while in training meeting as part of my job as newcomer last year, I felt terrible to the student who have gone through abuse and I hope he is ok to this day since last year.  And being the teacher aide at mainstream school before CSDF as well as being volunteer at local mainstream schools-all have Deaf programs in it-I already know that school is a place for students to learn education and we the teachers, aides, mentors, are expected to guide them to right path of education.  More directly THAN abusing them, unlikely to others who have done harm's way to their own students.  Not only that, but I already know I love the job of being a mentor to students who looks up not only to me, but to teachers, cottage counselors, and more for their education, goals, right path of life itself.

                                      To take it all away from these student(s) and abuse them puts a staff at risk of facing troubles and much more than that.  Come on, we are better than that no matter what with patience, respect, and much love as professional worker, despite the students' behavior(s) and action(s).  I mean, coming to CSDF first year, I was overwhelmed with challenges in Middle School Cottages, but with right guidance by my boss and my co-workers, I have learned to get through with patience and build rapport with students to get along with them.  Not only that, but other aspects of my job since I am from different world coming there in Deaf world of CSDF as I put it that way.

                                   Lastly, END THE ABUSE NOW!!  It is not cool at all to abuse students for pleasure or whatever it is.  And keep in mind that the more we hear abuses, the more of possibility of getting a Deaf school to be shut down.  Abuses are NOT necessary at all and not worth of our time and space to us all.  Thank you.

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